PRORXD Receiver


The PRORXD is a feature-rich COFDM receiver/decoder with DUAL receive and HD decoding capability in a single enclosure. Designed specifically for the demanding broadcast market, it is supplied in a 1/2 19” 2RU high rack chassis, where two units can be mounted together to occupy a 19” slot and uses standard broadcast connectors for signal interfaces.

It is available with 2-way, 4-way 6-way or 8-way maximum ratio combining RF inputs, ensuring video is recovered free from the distortions typically associated with fading and multipath. All DVB-T 6/7/8MHz modes are supported, plus DTC’s 6/7/8MHz UMVL (Ultra Mobile Video Link) modulation – designed to enhance performance when utilising higher frequency bands or in high-speed TX applications such as Motorsport. DTC Narrowband, enabling broadcast quality (4.8Mbps) signals to be transmitted in only 2.5MHz bandwidth is available as an option. Designed to work with external DTC down- converters, the receiver can be located up to 400m from the antennas using standard 75 Ohm co-axial cables.

The unit incorporates an extremely flexible decoding platform, with low-delay SD and HD MPEG2 and H.264 decoding ensuring compatibility with all DTC and most 3rd party encoders. An optional 2nd decoder can be enabled, allowing 2x SD or HD signals to be decoded. Multiple video output formats are offered with composite and SDI outputs in SD mode and HD-SDI and in HD mode. SDI/HD-SDI both feature embedded audio and HDMI outputs are provided for use with domestic TV’s. ASI in/out is offered as an option.

A full Genlock facility is available in both SD and HD modes. When in HD mode, an optional downconverted SD composite video monitoring output is also offered. The unit can also be used as an IP decoder. When paired with a DTC IP Encoder, the unit can send an IFB signal to the remote location via the reverse leg of the IP link. An optional adaptive bit-rate encoding/decoding mode is also available, allowing fully automated operation on variable capacity or contended networks such as VSAT or BGAN terminals.

The PRORXD can be controlled through its comprehensive, full-color front panel touch-screen display, as well as on its RS232 or IP Ethernet browser control interfaces. A comprehensive On Screen Graphical display is available for monitoring and diagnostics, which can be enabled or disabled separately on the two video outputs.


  • DVB-T & UMVL demodulation
  • 2, 4, 6 or 8 RF inputs with 9/12DC switchable down converter powering
  • Fully compliant MPEG2 and H.264 SD/HD decoding
  • HD-SDI/SDI with embedded audio out
  • Composite video outputs (with optional HD down- conversion)
  • HDMI outputs
  • IFB input (IP mode)
  • 2nd decoder option
  • Auto bit-rate capability (with DTC Broadcast IP Encoder)
  • ASI input and output
  • Front panel control (+ Web-browser and RS232)
  • Genlock input
  • Comprehensive on-screen display (OSD) diagnostics
  • Ultra low delay video operation for real time applications
  • 2RU half-rack mounting
  • 12VDC powering (AC adaptor supplied)

Power XLR4(m)
RF 8 x BNC (50-850MHz)
IP Streaming/Control RJ45
ASI In 2 x BNC
Genlock BNC
RS232 Control 9-pin D-type

ASI Out 1 x BNC
HDMI 2 x Type A HDMI
IP Streaming/Control RJ45
Stereo Audio 4 x XLR3M + 2 x Lemo 0B 5-way
RS232 Data 2 x 9-pin D-type
Audio headphone monitor 3.4mm stereo jack

Mode 2 x 10/100/1G Ethernet Ports
Function Remote Control via web-browser

Line Standard (SD) PAL/NTSC
Resolution (HD) 720p50, 720p59, 720p60, 1080i50, 1080i59, 1080i60, 1080p23, 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p29, 1080p30, 1080psf23, 1080psf24, 1080psf25, 1080psf29, 1080psf30, 1080p50, 1080p60
Decoding Mode H.264 SD/HD 4:2:0/4:2:2

MPEG2 SD/HD 4:2:0/4:2:2
H.263 SD

Delay From 15ms end-to-end (mode dependant)

Analogue Output 4 Stereo Pairs +18dBm (on 600 ohm)
AES/EBU 4 Stereo Balanced Pairs (110 ohm)
Sample Rate 48KHz
Format 4 Stereo Balanced Pairs (110 ohm) Mono or Stereo


Mode Byte or packet mode

RS232 Data Output 1K2 to 115K2 baud switchable

Remote Control Network Web Browser control interface RS232 Control from pC GUI Application
Local Control DescriptionFront panel touch-screen display
Preset Loading Front Panel USB
On Screen Display Spectrum, RX, SNR, RX Power

Dimension W 220mm, D 320mm, H 88mm
Weight TBC

DC Input 6 to 26V Reverse Polarity Protected
Power Consumption 27-49W (down converter dependant)

Temperature Range -10°C to +50˚C

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