Camera Side Data Receiver

Our small and light camera control receiver is perfect for camera operations in any situation.

With a single cable to connect to the camera, red and green tally and compatibility with Sony, Grass Valley, Panasonic, Hitachi and Ikegami camera systems all from one unit.

Brackets are available to secure the RXSM to your camera system.

Power- DC 12v supplied through camera cable
Connectors Sony Connector Optional
Generic Connector for all other makes
LEMO Communication Port for
SMA RF antenna connector
Dimensions H: 92mm x W 60mm x D 20mm
Frequency 403 – 473MHz
Interface OLED screen with function buttons
Occupied Bandwidth 12.5MHz

CCCAM-GVUP Add Grass Valley
CCCAM-HUP Add Hitachi
CCCAM-IUP Add Ikegami
CCCAM-PUP Add Panasonic
BRK-RXSM Bracket

You can save all this information on a PDF by clicking here.

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Wireless Camera Control

The Wireless Camera Control System offers advanced features in a rugged, easy to use ‘plug and play’ design:

  • Use the manufacturers RCP
  • Ethernet option to seamlessly integrate with installed set up
  • MSU Control with Grass Valley and Sony
  • Up to 4 cameras on one system
  • IDU Chaining for large RF systems
  • Red and Green Tally
  • UHF Channels
  • Small and lightweight camera receiver
  • Very simple to set up and use, no complicated menus

You can download our Wireless Camera Control Diagram here:

Download PDF