Other Bands are available – Please contact BTS for more information.

All DTC receivers operating at frequencies above 850MHz require downconverters. DTC barrel downconverters are connected directly under the antenna and draw power remotely from the receiver. Downconverters are supplied as selectable high/low gain, which dictates how much cable they can drive (typically 10 – 15m for the low gain and 50 – 100m for high gain). For precise cable run length calculations contact BTS. DTC downconverters offer excellent low noise performance, are designed for permanent outdoor deployment and mounting kits are also available.

Dowconverter Barrel Gain Selectable Broadcast (DCBGSB)
The DTC selectable barrel down converter has optimum performance in all situations. It is easy to mount with magnetic, cable-tie and screw-hole fixings for maximum flexibility. LED indicator for gain (high/low/off). Powered from the receiver via co-axial cable (BNC) and connects to receiver via standard 75 Ohm cable.


RF Input from ANT 50 Ohm
DCBGSB N-Type Female

UHF Output to RX 75 Ohm (150~850MHz) DCBGSB
BNC Female

Frequency Bands 1.0 to 8.9GHz
Max. RF Input Power 35mW (+15dBm) No damage.
Max. RF Input Power (P1dB) 100uW (-10dBm) Normal operation.


Typical 10dB Low Gain
30dB High Gain

DCBGSB-100150 180MHz, High side LO
DCBGSB-160202 2350MHz, High side LO
DCBGSB-203255 1720MHz, Low side LO
DCBGSB-310360 2750MHz, Low side LO
DCBGSB-440500 4150MHz, Low side LO
DCBGSB-550600 5200MHz, Low side LO
DCBGSB-640700 6150MHz, Low side LO
DCBGSB-700750 6650MHz, Low side LO
DCBGSB-810860 7750MHz, Low side LO
DCBGSB-840890 8050MHz, Low side LO
DCEBGSB-198270 1850MHz, Low side LO

Dimension 105mm x 48mm approx.
Weight Base Unit 225g

DC Power Input Max. DC from Receiver 6V nominal. 14.5V
Power Consumption 2.2 to 3W depending on gain mode

Gain Switch (Std/High) Rotary 4 position switching mechanism in base
1) Low Gain, LED Green
2) Low Gain, LED off
3) High Gain, LED Red
4) High Gain, LED off

The maximum length of cable depends on the RX frequency, as this dictates the down-converted UHF frequency which the cable has to carry. The theoretical cable lengths in the chart below show best and worst case, dependant on the frequency used:

Cable Max Distance (typical)
RG59 48-82m
RG6 82-133m
LMR400-75 127-233m
LDF4-75 227-387m

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